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Assemblymember Carl E. Heastie 83rd Assembly set to Appear of the Arlene McLaren Show

Assemblymember Carl E. Heastie 83rd Assembly District set to Appear on Arlene McLaren Show on Friday, March 14, 2008

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Assemblymember Carl E. Heastie 83rd Assembly District

Carl E. Heastie, Assemblyman for the 83rd A.D. in the Bronx, is one of the youngest African-American New York State legislators. Assemblyman Heastie, who was elected in 2000, has been called one of the most active Assembly members by his colleagues.
He has secured funds for his district in the areas of housing, education, after school programming, health and human services, job readiness and computer training. Carl E. Heastie is the Co-Chairman of the Legislative Taskforce on Demographic Research and Reapportionment and Chairman of the Labor Sub-Committee on Emerging Workforce.

Since taking office, Assemblyman Heastie has become one of the lead negotiators for the construction of new schools in his district. To add to his list of accomplishments, Assemblyman Heastie was the author of a law that prohibited the sale of Nico-water to children under 18 years old. Nico-water is Nicotine laced water. This product was designed to be a supplement to help people quit smoking but was not covered under existing law or regulations to sufficiently protect young children.

Prior to taking office, Assemblyman Heastie was employed as a budget analyst in the New York City comptroller’s office where he researched, prepared and authored reports on the City’s spending patterns. This experience in budget analysis is one of the strongest skills Assemblyman Heastie brings to the New York State Legislature.

Assemblyman Heastie is second to none when it comes to his ability to evaluate numbers. This skill was learned at the State University of New York at Stony Brook where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics.
Assemblyman Heastie earned his MBA in Finance from the Bernard M. Baruch College (CUNY) in May of 2007. Even as a child growing up in the New York City public school system, he has always had a love for math.

Assemblyman Heastie continues his community involvement as a member of the Williamsbridge Branch NAACP and the National Council of Negro Women. His involvement is not just limited to memberships, though. On any given weekend, you will find him making his rounds to support block parties and street fairs, giving monetary donations and helping out wherever he can.
Assemblyman Heastie will continue to push his agenda; addressing education, economic development and furthering the interests of the elderly.

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